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About Me



Coach Olive's fitness journey!

 I instruct kickboxing and strength & conditioning classes at Taejo Kickboxing in Koreatown & Downtown Los Angeles.  I got my start in fitness after battling an eating disorder as a teenager. Fitness not only helped with my recovery, but also shaped my body and mindset into a healthy, strong, and powerful one instead of a skinny and weak one the eating disorder had fallen me into. 


I was introduced to boxing almost 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with it.

After moving to Los Angeles over 8 years ago, I joined a kickboxing gym which became my new passion.  I eventually took on a leadership role as a Coach at my kickboxing gym  after getting my teaching certification and passing a fitness test for gym. 

Using my experiences as a Coach, I started developing on my own workout programs and methods which eventually led me to construct my “Strength and Conditioning” classes. These classes are a combination of fighter conditioning and Crossfit.  To further extend my knowledge, I recently achieved the NASM Personal Trainer Certification, my MMA strength & conditioning certification, and my nutrition certification. 

In addition to my classes at Taejo, I privately train clients in kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, and strength training in person or via Zoom.  My zoom classes can be done in the convenience of your home and our best with a bag, small weights, or just gloves!


Regardless of your fitness level or experience check out all my services below and contact me today to start kicking ass today 

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